WaterTower Music will release two soundtrack albums for the Arrowverse crossover events Crisis on Infinite Earths and Elseworlds. The albums feature the original music from the special episodes composed by Blake Neely (The Flight Attendant, Greyhound, Everwood, The Pacific), Nathaniel Blume (The Flash, Prodigal Son), Daniel James Chan (Legends of Tomorrow, Emergence) and Sherri Chung (Riverdale, Blindspot). The soundtracks will be released digitally tomorrow, March 5. Click here to stream/download the Crisis on Infinite Earths album and click here for the Elseworlds soundtrack. Crisis on Infinite Earths premiered in December 2019/January 2020 as part of the fifth season of Supergirl, the first season of Batwoman, the sixth season of The Flash, the eighth season of Arrow and the fifth season of Legends of TomorrowElseworlds premiered in December of 2018 as part of the fifth season of The Flash, the seventh season of Arrow and the fourth season of Supergirl. The label has previously released a soundtrack album for the 2017 crossover event Crisis on Earth-X.

Here’s the track list of the Crisis on Infinite Earths album:

1. In the Beginning (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (6:21)
2. Harbinger Assembles the Heroes (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (4:45)
3. It Was Destiny (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (5:02)
4. He Fought to His Last Breath (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (5:59)
5. New Set of Problems (6:49)
6. Superman vs. Superman (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (5:56)
7. Heavy Is the Cape (5:12)
8. Promise Made, Promise Kept (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (6:59)
9. Vanished (6:21)
10. Paragons in Exile (2:44)
11. Dying Is the Easy Part (4:57)
12. Fighting Shadows / A New Beginning (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (7:57)
13. We Already Know / Beebo Is Hungry (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (5:44)
14. Do It for Oliver (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (5:49)
15. In the End (feat. Tony Kanal & Stephen Perkins) (6:40)

Here’s the cover art and track list of the Elseworlds album:

1. Dead Heroes / Waking Up Weird (6:22)
2. Freaky Flashy Friday (6:13)
3. Vibing into Smallville (5:30)
4. Four Heroes Fight Amazo (5:02)
5. I Know Where She Is (3:23)
6. Gotham City (6:00)
7. Team Sets Up Anchor (4:05)
8. No One Is Coming to Save You (6:45)
9. Fighting a Hallucination (7:26)
10. In Spite of Circumstance (6:20)
11. The Book (4:40)
12. Epic Oh Hell No Moment (7:35)
13. Book Destroyed / Bat Signal (7:39)