Varese Sarabande Records has announced the digital release of eleven recent titles from the label’s Deluxe Edition series. The titles include the deluxe editions of all three of Michael Giacchino‘s Star Trek scores: Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. Also available now are the deluxe edition soundtracks for How to Train Your Dragon (music by John Powell), The Matrix (score by Don Davis),  Small Soldiers & The Haunting (music by Jerry Goldsmith), Volcano (score by Alan Silvestri), Dolores Claiborne (music by Danny Elfman), Outbreak (score by James Newton Howard) and Village of the Damned (music by John Carpenter). All eleven titles are now available on all major streaming platforms and several of soundtracks are also still available on CD.

  1. Ayub S says:

    The ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ deluxe editions aren’t available on iTunes though.

    • jjstarA113 says:

      For some reason Star Trek ’09 and Star Trek Beyond deluxe are only on Apple Music and not on iTunes.

  2. Mark Athridge says:

    I’m not seeing the Matrix deluxe. Am i missing something?

    • Ayub S says:

      It was present in the expanded ‘Now Showing’/‘Featured’ section on the iTunes Soundtrack Store on 5th December but isn’t there any more. Perhaps it’s also only for streaming now.