Brookhaven has released a soundtrack album for the HBO docu-series Murder on Middle Beach. The album features the show’s original music composed by James Lavino (Wiener-Dog, Burning Blue, Murder in the Bayou, Never Here). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and other digital music services. Murder on Middle Beach is directed by Madison Hamburg and examines the filmmaker’s complicated journey to solve an unspeakable crime and absolve the people he loves while seeking out answers within his own fractured family and community. The 4-parter revolves around the case of Madison’s mother, Barbara Hamburg, who was brutally murdered in 2010 near her home in the upper-middle class enclave of Madison, Connecticut. The series, which premiered on November 15, currently airs Sunday nights on HBO and is also available to stream on HBO Max.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Memories of Her (2:52)
2. Murder on Middle Beach (Main Title Theme) (0:50)
3. Something Changed Him (2:50)
4. We’re Not Investigators (1:15)
5. It’s Totally Legal (0:53)
6. Family Tree (2:01)
7. People Could Start Getting Hurt Here (1:52)
8. Desperate Attempts (1:27)
9. Repeated Calls (1:12)
10. I Felt Like I Was Her Protector (2:44)
11. It Could Be Any of Us (2:17)
12. If She Could Put up With Me (1:56)
13. To the End of the World (3:06)
14. It Was a Good Thing (1:36)
15. Let’s Go Back a Little Bit (2:54)
16. She Came Alive (2:08)
17. The Gifting Tables (Part One) (1:16)
18. The Gifting Tables (Part Two) (0:32)
19. The Gifting Tables (Part Three) (1:02)
20. A Haze (1:09)
21. Welcome Back to Madison (1:05)
22. You Need Your Mother Back (2:52)
23. I’m Coming for You (2:04)
24. Night, Back Seat, Window Down, My Father Driving (4:22)