Open Memory Music has released a soundtrack album for the documentary Human Nature. The album features the film’s original music composed by Keegan DeWitt (Hearts Beat LoudThe HeroI’ll See You in My DreamsGemini, Divorce, Her Smell, All the Bright Places). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Human Nature is directed by Adam Bolt and centers on  the gene-editing breakthrough CRISPR, which provides unprecedented control over the basic building blocks of life, opening the door to curing diseases, reshaping the biosphere, and designing our own children. The movie explores CRISPR’s far-reaching implications, through the families it’s affecting, and the bioengineers who are testing its limits. The documentary, which premiered at last year’s SXSW Film Festival, was released in select theaters last month by Greenwich Entertainment and is now available on VOD. Visit the official movie website to learn more about the film.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Main Titles (1:50)
2. Hemoglobin (Meeting David) (1:36)
3. Gravity (1:16)
4. History of DNA (1:13)
5. Dream of Gene Therapy (1:10)
6. French Trial Failure (0:47)
7. Fyodor (1:26)
8. Fooling the Cell (1:03)
9. Crispr (2:42)
10. The Pattern (2:46)
11. Spacers (0:25)
12. Virus (3:10)
13. The Immune System (2:18)
14. Cas9 (1:43)
15. Xenotransplantation (1:30)
16. Science the S**t Out of This (1:55)
17. Brave New World (2:10)
18. Designer Babies (2:08)
19. Hitler Dream (1:38)
20. NAS Meetiong (1:04)
21. Just Freakin’ Do It (3:21)
22. Messing With Nature Forever (1:00)
23. Stewards (0:49)
24. Recreation Procreation (1:14)
25. The Tweet (2:20)
26. Ruthie Growing Up (1:29)
27. What Makes Us Human (1:54)
28. Ai (3:02)
29. Steve Hsu’s Warning (4:48)

  1. Carl Berrojo says:

    Do you know what the music was at minute 35:00 -36:23 in the Human Nature documentary?

    • Leandro says:

      I had also been searching for this masterpiece but I can’t find it anywhere. If you found it please let me know ASAP

  2. Roger says:

    Keegan DeWitt