Milan Records has released a soundtrack album for the National Geographic documentary Apollo: Missions to the Moon. The album features the film’s original music composed by James Everingham for Bleeding Fingers Music and produced by Hans Zimmer & Russell Emanuel. The soundtrack is being released digitally and physically today. Click here to download the album and visit Amazon to order the CD version. Apollo: Missions to the Moon is directed by Tom Jennings (Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes, Diana: In Her Own Words) and recounts the United States’ remarkable journey to land on the Moon before 1970. The movie covers the Apollo Space Program with raw media, eschewing narration for footage and audio of the program, including samples of never-before-audio pulled from over 800 hours of recordings and Apollo black box recordings. The movie will premiere this Sunday, July 7 on National Geographic.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Missions to the Moon (2:45)
2. Tomorrowland (2:34)
3. American Industry (2:07)
4. Nothing Simple About It (1:34)
5. Law of Averages (1:51)
6. Flash Fire (3:14)
7. Launch Vehicle (3:30)
8. Against the Florida Sky (2:32)
9. Lunar Sunrise (5:51)
10. Saturn V (3:32)
11. The Eagle Has Landed (3:51)
12. Magnificent Desolation (5:53)
13. Truly One (2:38)
14. Cryo Stir (4:16)
15. Backup Procedure (2:32)
16. Walking a Tightrope (2:18)
17. The Entire Nation (2:49)
18. Mount Hadley (2:05)
19. For All Mankind (2:33)
20. Not Just the End (3:41)