Marvel Music and Hollywood Records will release a new soundtrack album for the Netflix original series Iron Fist. The album features selections of the original music from the show’s second season composed by Robert Lydecker (xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Designated Survivor, Sleepy HollowLethal Weapon). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, September 7 and will be available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio clips. The labels have previously released a soundtrack featuring Trevor Morris’ score from the series’ first season. Iron Fist is based on the Marvel Comics property and stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, Sacha Dhawan and Alice Eve. The show centers on billionaire Danny Rand who resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead and, with the power of the Iron Fist, seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny. Season 2 of the series will premiere tomorrow on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Ceremony of the Fist (1:23)
2. Danny Trains (2:24)
3. Colleen’s Family Legacy (2:05)
4. The Dragon Within (3:20)
5. The Steel Serpent (3:48)
6. Wishing for Another World (1:38)
7. Brothers of K’un-Lun (1:48)
8. Mary’s Flashback (2:10)
9. Mary in the Rain (4:23)
10. The Blood of Shou-Lao (1:57)
11. Battle of the Fists (Part I) (2:39)
12. Battle of the Fists (Part II) (3:04)
13. Always Bonded (2:49)
14. The Yin and the Yang (1:57)
15. The Adventure Continues (Part I) (1:33)
16. The Adventure Continues (Part II) (1:08)
17. Epilogue (1:06)