Abel Korzeniowski has been hired to score the upcoming horror thriller The Nun. The film is directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow) and stars Taissa Farmiga, Demián Bichir, Charlotte Hope, Bonnie Aarons, Jonas Bloquet and Ingrid Bisu. The movie is a spinoff of New Line Cinema’s hit franchise The Conjuring and follows a priest who is sent to Rome to investigate the mysterious death of a nun. Gary Dauberman (It, Annabelle) wrote the screenplay. James Wan (Furious 7, Insidious, Saw) and Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Buried) are producing the New Line production. The Nun is currently in post-production and will be released on July 13, 2018 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Korzeniowski whose previous scoring credits include Penny Dreadful, A Single Man, Nocturnal Animals, Romeo & Juliet and W.E. also has Lee Tamahori’s Emperor coming up.

  1. Alec says:

    uh huh…

    This sounds awesome, particularly because Abel Korzeniowski is an amazing composer, but how long until he’s replaced with another much more bland composer. I don’t believe that New Line Cinema would allow for someone as esoteric to score one of their god awful horror films.

    • Jeff T. says:

      Agree it’s a great choice. Think they are starting to embrace a more traditional approach for their scores, Wallfisch’s Annabelle: Creation and especially It are a step in the right direction and both movies are hugely successful, so Korzeniowski’s hiring makes sense.

      • Bernd-Helmut Heine says:

        Agree too – although I admit that this would have been a perfect opportunity for a new score by Christopher Young (What´s he doing now BTW?).

  2. jake says:

    i personally hate the starting track but along i felt real good