Photo credit: Focusrite / Chris Mayes-Wright

Christopher Lennertz and Alexander Bornstein have composed the score for the upcoming virtual reality series Invisible. The show is produced by Jaunt Inc., Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ) and the 30 Ninjas team of director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, The Bourne IdentityMr. & Mrs. Smith) and Julina Tatlock, as well as Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Melisa Wallack (Dallas Buyers Club). The 6-parter revolves around prominent New York City family, the Ashlands, who are blessed with a supernatural gift passed down through generations. The project has been described as the first episodic action-adventure series created in immersive virtual reality. The six episodes are directed by Liman, Michael Litwak and Jerome Sable (Stage Fright). Invisible will premiere in October and will be available via the Jaunt VR App on Google Play, iTunes and GearVR.

Lennertz also continues to score the CW’s Supernatural, which returns for its twelfth season this fall. His upcoming feature projects include Seth Gordon’s Baywatch starring Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron. Bornstein, whose previous scoring credits include the Bryan Singer/Felicia Day webseries Spooked and Mike Mendez’s The Last Heist, has previously worked with Lennertz on such film/TV shows as Marvel’s Agent Carter, Ride Along 2, Bad Moms and Identity Thief.