piperWalt Disney Records will release the original music for Pixar’s animated short Piper. The film’s score is composed by Adrian Belew who is best known as the guitarist and vocalist of the progressive rock band King Crimson. Jake Monaco (Let’s Be CopsAbsolutely Fabulous: The Movie) has arranged and orchestrated the music. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow and will be available to download on AmazonPiper is directed by Alan Barillaro and follows a beach-dwelling bird who encounters a small hermit crab who teaches her the way of the waves. The short is currently playing in theaters nationwide in front of Pixar’s Finding Dory.

  1. cheryl prati says:

    To have known a brilliant musician at 17 yrs. Old, in a little trio in Cincinnati is one thing.
    To have followed Adrian Belew’s brilliant career for 40 plus years, is another story.
    To see this man evolve from Zappa to King Crimson to Talking heads, to Bowie and his own amazing solo career, was hard to imagine.
    To see my old friend be involved, and be the master of a Pixar film soundtrack, was beyond imagination.
    I am truely amazed by his genius and his versitility.
    I am proud beyond words to have known him as a young girl.
    I am beyond the concept of pride seeing his talent tranform into something that is so sweet, so innocent, so beautiful.
    Certainly, the Disney family has found not only a ROCK STAR, but a talent that is undeniably a man that can move our souls to a place that few men can orchestrate.
    I bow to Adrian Belew.
    A kind man, a man with such talent that all of us who know him are blessed. Cheryl Prati