in-search-of-felliniDavid Campbell has been tapped to compose the music for the upcoming coming-of-age drama In Search of Fellini. The film is directed by Taron Lexton and stars Ksenia Solo, Maria Bello and Mary Lynn Rajskub. The movie follows an Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality who journeys to Italy in search of legendary Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. Nancy Cartwright (best known as the voice of Bart Simpsons of The Simpsons) and Peter Kjenaas have written the screenplay. Lexton and Kjenaas are also producing the project with Monica Padro, Nathan Lorch, Milena Ferreira and Michael Doven (The Squeeze). The drama was shot in Cleveland and in four Italian cities, Venice, Verona, Milan & Rome. Campbell’s previous scoring credits include All the Right Moves, Night of the Comet and last year’s Joy directed by David O. Russell. In Search of Fellini is expected to premiere later this year.