golden-globesEnnio Morricone has received his third Golden Globe Award for his score for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Tarantino accepted the award on Morricone’s behalf. The composer previously received the prize for his work on The Mission and The Legend of 1900. The other composers nominated in the Best Original Score category were Alexandre Desplat (The Danish Girl), Carter Burwell (Carol), Daniel Pemberton (Steve Jobs) and Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto (The Revenant).

In the Best Original Song category, Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes won the award for the song Writing’s On the Wall from Spectre.

  1. JAMO says:

    Great, he was the best choice between the other nominees but i personally think that John Williams should get the Academy Award, his score for The Force Awakens is superior to the also great score for the Hateful Eight

    • Macejko says:

      Yes, let us celebrate mediocrity, just because the man used to be good a few centuries ago. Seriously, The Force Awakens has only one theme worth a damn (Rey’s Theme), and even that one is only “ok” and nothing more. The rest of the score is just bland as it gets. The Oscar this year should go either to Dario Marianelli for Everest, Michael Giacchino for Jupiter Ascending, or Harry Gregson-Williams for The Martian. Star Wars doesn’t even deserve a nomination, but the Academy will no doubt push the award right up Wiliams’ rectum once again.

      • Linkword says:


        • Linkword says:

          Better than self plagiarism, you Zimmer lover! Sorry, John Williams is still better than Zimmer…and will be forever!

          • Roger says:

            Did Zimmer screw your imaginary girlfriend or something?

    • Linkword says:

      To JAMO: The Force Awakens is great score because old Hollywood sound is back. John Williams does not win Oscar for Episode VII same as for Memoirs of a Geisha, ten years ago. One of the biggest mistakes of Academy Awards in history!!!…Force Awakens will be only anniversary 50th nomination! 🙂

  2. Luc says:

    You don’t mince words, do you? Williams deserves at least a nomination for his brilliant work on the Force Awakens unlike Marianelli (whom I normally like very much…) for one of his blandest scores ever(est), Giacchino yes but for Inside Out and we’ll agree on Harry Gregson-Williams for one of his best scores of the last 15 years (which is saying much of his output since then).

    • Ds says:

      I agree, Williams and Gregson-Williams both deserve to win.

      My main gripe is this Morricone stuff, I found The Hateful Eight to be a small and insignificant score. 30min of music in a 3 hour movie, which also contains songs and score extracts from other movies… Hum. It pales in comparison with MANY other efforts released this year.
      I guess they’re just happy Morricone is back, and want to celebrate by giving him the award.

      • Tvr says:

        Indeed there is only 20-30 minutes of Morricone score on the movie, but he did record almost an hour of music for the film. It wasn’t his fault Quentin decided to replace it with songs and cues for his The Thing soundtrack, even in pivotal moments of the film. What does matter is that his music is nothing but excellent, and the award was deserved.

        And I guess he will won the oscar too. As much as I love Williams’ The Force awakens, he already got 5 oscars. Morricone only have one of those career achievment awards. It’s shameful and pathetic for the Academy that the man who wrote The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Once Upon a Time in West and The Mission doesn’t even have one best original score award, and they have the chance to correct this.

        • Ds says:

          So basically you’re saying Morricone deserved an award for his classic scores, but since he didn’t get any, he should be given one regardless of his output or the other scores released the same year?

          Awards are supposed to given for a particular performance, not for a whole career.

          • Macejko says:

            And yet, this is exactly why they keep nominating Williams. Because the Academy doesn’t really give a shit about the music, nor about the movies. They just consider the impact, or better put, the SEEMING importance of the movie/artist. That’s why Williams gets nominated every single time he could be bothered to write something new, regardless of how mediocre the result is. Even the die-hard fans of SW aren’t exactly happy with The Force Awakens score, and that’s saying something.

          • Tvr says:

            No. Read again what I just said first.

            On your first comment you said Morricone didn’t deserve the award because there isn’t too much of his music on a film, and I corrected you, because 1: this is not so important for the Academy and 2: his Hateful Eight score is really excellent. If he faces Williams on the Oscar, I will support Morricone because of his history with the Oscar.

            Now, you said he don’t deserve the Oscar because, in your opinion, there were a lot of better ones this year. I disagree with you: Hateful Eight is an brilliant score IMO. That is a matter of opinion.

            I agree that Quentin could have used more of his music, but indeed his themes are highly effective when they appear, and Morricone really understood the story Tarantino was trying to tell. Just that should be enough for the Academy.

        • Ds says:

          Tvr, I understand your point. You like this score and I’m fine with that.

          However, the amount of music Morricone actually recorded should not matter: he’s contributed to less than 30min of new music on a whole 3-hour movie. It’s not necessarily his fault, it’s most probably Tarantino’s. That trivial amount of music makes it unimportant, non-essential to the movie. This is not aided by the fact that it is such a small, ambient score.

          You will tell me it is what was needed by the movie. Maybe that’s right, but then it means it is mainly a non-musical movie, which I don’t have any problem with… except when they nominate it in the music department.

          It’s always been pretty clear these awards don’t give a s*** about music, they have no clue and stick to famous names or trendy projects. And in this case I find it obvious. If anyone else had written the exact same score, everyone would have gone “meh” and we wouldn’t even be discussing it.

          The Force Awakens, however, is a quality score with much merit. Not my cup of tea for standalone listening but I happily recognizes it’s hard work and deserves recognition.

  3. Tvr says:

    For this weirdo up here: to call Williams mediocre is really harsh. Did you forgot to take your pills this morning?

    And to use Star Wars fanboys is not really of an argument. YouTube comments and Internet foruns are not the best way to find intelligent and thoughtful comments about anything.

    • Macejko says:

      Let me quote you:
      “No. Read again what I just said first.”

      I never said that Williams himself is mediocre, just that his Force Awakens score is. And a lot of others, whether you like it or not. I’m not gonna praise everything he makes just because I really like something he did earlier. In fact, I don’t do it with ANY of my favourite artists, and this is exactly the reason – I have some criteria built up based on their previous output.
      When someone like Williams creates such recognizable and memorable themes like Duel of the Fates, Imperial March and so on (and that is only speaking of SW), I find it unacceptable that in the newest addition to the franchise he mostly failed to deliver something similarly strong.

      • Linkword says:

        1. Nothing is not memorable immediately!
        2. John’s actual composition style is so different than 30 Years Ago.
        3. John is the older and more conservative.
        4…and Shut up!!!