youthThe details of the soundtrack album for Paolo Sorrentino’s drama Youth have been revealed. The album features the music from the film by artists including Mark Kozelek, Sun Kil Moon, Paloma Faith, David Byrne, Bill Callahan, The Retrosettes Sister Band & more. Also included is a track from the film’s original score written by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang whose music has previously been featured in Sorrentino’s last movie The Great Beauty. The soundtrack will be released overseas on May 26, 2015 and is now available for pre-order as an import on Amazon. Milan Records will release a soundtrack stateside in December (click here to order). Youth starring Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano and Jane Fonda. The movie follows two longtime friends vacationing in the Swiss Alps who reflect on their past, each finding that some of the most important experiences can come later in life. The drama just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and will be released in Italy later this month. Fox Searchlight has picked up domestic distribution rights and is planning a release later this year.

Here’s the album track list:

Disc 1:

1. You Got the Love – The Retrosettes Sister Band
2. Onward – Mark Kozelek
3. Third and Seneca – Sun Kil Moon
4. Préludes (Book 1) – Des pas sur la neige (No. 6): Triste et lent – Gianluca Cascioli
5. Mercadante: Virginia (Atto I) Cavatina “Figlia tu scuoti” – Susan Patterson
6. À ma manière – Maria Letizia Gorga, Stefano De Meo, Marco Colonna, Laura Pierazzuoli
7. Reality – The Retrosettes Sister Band

Disc 2:

1. Can’t Rely on You – Paloma Faith
2. The Breeze / My Baby Cries – Bill Callahan
3. Ceiling Gazing – Mark Kozelek
4. Dirty Hair – David Byrne
5. Stravinsky: Berceuse da “L’oiseau de feu – The Firebird” – Terry Davies
6. Just (After Song of Songs) – Trio Medieval, Garth Knox, Agnes Vesterman, Sylvain Lemetre
7. Simple Song #3 – Sumi Jo
8. Mick’s Dream (Bonus Track) – The Berlin Radio Chorus
9. Wood Symphony (Bonus Track) – David Lang

  1. Lovisa Inserra says:

    I saw the film at Cannes and I loved the music. Especially Simple Song #3 with Sumi Jo.

  2. Petri says:

    I loved the movie and even more the music, where can I buy the soundtracks ?

  3. Anton vander Haeghen says:


    I am looking for the song/music (house, techno-tune), playing when the ‘climber’ introduces himself to Lena (Rachel Weisz) at the pool/spa. At that point Lena is lying on a sofa… Can you please help me out? Thanks!

  4. Herman says:

    Which choir music is played during the credit titels?

    • Vera says:

      I want to know that too. It was beautiful.

    • Michiel says:

      David Lang – Just (After the Song of Songs) – performed by Trio Medieval, Garth Knox, Agnès Vesterman, Sylvain Lemêtre

  5. Arturo says:

    Somebody knows whats the music in the scene where Harvey Keitel’s character sees the all the actresses outside, the one with that beautiful violino over a drum ? Please

  6. Guus says:

    Dear all, I like to know the Trance song to which the young song masseuse dances during her Wii sessions in her room.
    Thank you.

  7. john haloftis says:

    How can I download this song ? please

  8. elizabeth dworkin says:

    what is the song playing while credits roll on Youth?

  9. Arik Katzenberg says:

    Great picture. Phenomenal soundtrack.

  10. Diane says:

    Does anyone know who did the part of the track that sounds like Laurie Anderson? Very gentle, female voice, lots of spaces between phrases, the word “beloved” is sung/spoken. Heard it on one of the trailers but lost track (!) of it. Thanks!

    • Diane says:

      Oh, I just realized that it’s Trio Mediaeval, during the credits. So haunting….

  11. Sister Havana says:

    Why is GATHERING STORM by Godspeed You! Black Emperor not included? Played when the swami levitates and Miss Universe enters the pool.

  12. Ann says:

    I thought I heard the voice of Alexi Murdoch singing. H has a distinctive sound, very lugubrious. I have his one about he loves his father (used in TV series ‘Touch’ ) and this time the song in this film mentioned about the Grandfather. Have seen the list of music but cannot find anything. So, who sounded like Alexi Murdoch, please.