neil-davidgeNeil Davidge is currently scoring the upcoming drama A Hundred Streets. The film is directed by Jim O’Hanlon and stars Idris Elba, Gemma Arterton, Samantha Barks, Ken Stott, Charlie Creed-Miles, Steve Mackintosh, Tom Cullen and Emma Rigby. The movie centers around a group of London residents who survive the grind of everyday life as well as those living opulent lifestyles, whose existences interconnect as they face dramatic change. Leon Butler wrote the screenplay and is also producing the project with Elba, Pippa Cross (The Hole, Desert Dancer), Carl F Pauwels, Farah Durrani and Ros Hubbard. A Hundred Streets is currently in post-production and is expected to premiere later this year.

Davidge’s previous scoring credits include the video game Halo 4, the features Unleashed (which he co-scored with his band Massive Attack), Push, Good People, Monsters: Dark Continent and the recent TV series Spotless.