witching-and-bitchingA soundtrack album has been released for the Spanish horror comedy Witching & Bitching. The album features the film’s original music composed by Joan Valent (As Luck Would Have It). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon. Audio clips are embedded after the jump. Witching & Bitching is directed by Alex de la Iglesia (The Oxford Murders) and stars Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Carmen Maura and Pepón Nieto. The movie follows a group of flesh-eating witches who meet their match when a group of hapless thieves stumble upon a mysterious mansion. The comedy premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival as the closing night film at Midnight Madness and was picked up by IFC Midnight for a domestic release in select theaters and on VOD this Friday, June 13. To learn more about the film, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Guess the Pot (1:49)
2. Witching and Bitching Main Title (2:20)
3. In the Square (1:25)
4. Robbery and Fugue (6:55)
5. To France – Interrogatory (1:38)
6. Forgot Backpack (1:18)
7. With My Son (1:41)
8. On the Road – Pursuit in the Forest (1:46)
9. Zugarramurdi’s Tavern (5:55)
10. They’ll Kick off Rennet – Miles of Broken Promises (3:58)
11. This Is Zugarramurdi – Lead Me Home (1:09)
12. The Palace of Witches (3:58)
13. I Almost Burned Him (1:26)
14. What Is He Doing with Broom (2:32)
15. Back Get Creature of Lucifer (6:19)
16. The Child Is Not (1:56)
17. Innocent Tears – There That Escape (3:33)
18. The Great Supper (2:44)
19. The Getaway (2:38)
20. You Prefer Be with Your Friends (3:46)
21. The Catacombs – I Am in Love (3:20)
22. She’s in Love with You (2:20)
23. The Rite of Witches (10:06)
24. Witching and Bitching (1:41)
25. End Credits: Witching and Bitching (2:39)