Audio clips of the soundtrack album for Akiva Goldsman’s fantasy romance Winter’s Tale have been published. The film’s music is composed by Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Knight, Gladiator) and Rupert Gregson-Williams (Over the Hedge, Bee Movie). WaterTower Music will release a soundtrack album featuring the composer’s music, as well the song Miracle performed by KT Tunstall on February 11, 2014. Visit Amazon to pre-order the album and check out our previous news article for the full album details. Audio clips are available after the jump. Winter’s Tale starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Russell Crowe, Eva Marie Saint is set to be released on February 14, 2014 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

  1. Lizard says:

    “Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams” – so, Rupert Gregson-Williams then.

    • Macejko says:

      Another smartass, who thinks he has Zimmer’s style of work all figured out.

    • John says:

      lol True. He basically is just a band name now, while his ghost writers do all the work.

      • Ds says:

        @John: Do you know him? Did you work with him? I’d be curious to know what your source is…

        • Lee says:

          You don’t have to work with someone to know. All Hans really does is write the main theme and his lacky’s fill the rest in for him. You can tell by the music, orchestration, style etc. He doesn’t have the ability to write a score on his own. All ‘his’ well known greats were all co composed, e.g. Gladiator with Lisa Gerrard.and Klaus Badelt, Lion King with Marc Mancina, Dark Knight with James Newton Howard, Pirates woth about 11 other composers.

          • Macejko says:

            Oh, he doesn’t have the ability? You “can tell by the music”, eh? Please, share some more of your fascinating observations with us. Like, is there an extra-terrestrial life? Can you tell, Lee?

          • Jerek says:

            Sorry, but John speaks the complete truth, and this IS coming from someone who has many sources. Of course I’m not going to start naming people or give specific details, why would I just go and expose all of that? But if you think Hans does most of the work himself, especially for the not so big movies, you are a complete joke. There are a lot of ghost writers… don’t believe it if you want, but you might as well still believe in the tooth fairy then.

          • Macejko says:

            Sweetheart, I know all there is to be known about the subject. Hans doesn’t use “ghostwriters”, Hans collaborates. He does it because he likes that style of work and he never denied it. He comes from a world of rock music, he was in many bands and collaboration is in his nature. Do you really think that he just gives orders to his minions and then waits for the royalties? I have a surprise for you: NO, HE DOES NOT. He talks ideas, he listens to his colleagues of RCP. He has an iron control of every single aspect of the score. No cue gets to be part of the soundtrack until Hans listens to it and approves it. And every single cue, that is not written by him, DERIVES from and enormous, complex suite, that Zimmer writes for every movie. This suite contains all important themes and mainly – it contains whole musical identity of the movie.
            And I have a one big surprise for you: there are many composers in Hollywood, who DO USE ghostwriters and never utter a single word about it. One example? Brian Tyler. He uses RCP staff regularly and trust me, they write a lot of his material.

          • Jerek says:

            Cool man. I don’t really care what you have to say, I know what I’m saying is factual, I’m trying to enlighten the others, feel free to believe all the crap you’re spewing out, but when I know something is truth, I really couldn’t care less. For the record, I hope you know that I only read your first sentence and didn’t even care to read the rest. Because clearly you don’t know as much as you might think 😉

          • Macejko says:

            You are one tough fellow, you surely put me in my place. *stands, applauds*

  2. Lionel says:

    If Brian Tyler uses or not, ghosts composers in their tracks, one thing is undeniable: his work is infinitely more harmonious than any crap that Hans Zimmer says writing.

    If he “collaboration”, why only he is nominated for awards? Why not indicated its employees too?

    • Ds says:

      The people he collaborates with are labelled inside every booklet and their names are even included in the iTunes music files (especially the latest ones like The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel).

      He is nominated and the press only talks about him because he’s a well-known name, journalists prefer to use big names to get an audience. Hans keeps saying he collaborates and writes his scores collegially, his music comes to life through collaboration and group work. It’s not like Hans was taking all the credit, he’s incredibly modest and ALWAYS speaks about the influence of his musicians, collaborators, co-composers, directors…

      And if you think he does nothing, think about that sentence: why do all “Zimmer-labelled” scores always sound so much better than the scores written by his collaborators on their own? Take “King Arthur”, it’s 10x better than anything Steve Jablonsky, Trevor Morris, Jim Dooley, Blake Neely or Rupert Gregson Williams have individually written. And yet you still think they did all the job?