thor-the-dark-worldHollywood Records will release a soundtrack album for the superhero film sequel Thor: The Dark World. The album features the movie’s original score composed by Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3, Fast  Five, Now You See Me). The soundtrack will be released digitally overseas on October 28, 2013 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, where you can also check out audio clips. Intrada Records will release the album physically on November 12. Thor: The Dark World is directed by Alan Taylor and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Kat Dennings,  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Jaimie Alexander, Tadanobu Asano, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins. The movie takes place in the aftermath of The Avengers and follows Thor as he battles to save all the Nine Realms from a mysterious enemy older than the universe itself. The sequel will be released nationwide on November 8, 2013 by Walt Disney Pictures. For updates on Marvel Studios production, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Thor: The Dark World (2:10)
2. Lokasenna (2:31)
3. Asgard (1:55)
4. Battle of Vanaheim (1:39)
5. Origins (3:49)
6. The Trial of Loki (2:38)
7. Into Eternity (3:40)
8. Escaping the Realm (3:53
9. A Universe from Nothing (2:20)
10. Untouchable (4:08)
11. Thor, Son of Odin (1:51)
12. Shadows of Loki (2:25)
13. Sword and Council (3:46)
14. Invasion of Asgard (2:59)
15. Betrayal (4:02)
16. Journey to Asgard (2:17)
17. Uprising (2:35)
18. Vortex (2:20)
19. An Unlikely Alliance (3:47)
20. Convergence (3:42)
21. Beginning of the End (5:20)
22. Deliverance (2:21)
23. Battle Between Worlds (3:29)
24. As the Hammer Falls (2:40)
25. Legacy (4:08)
26. Marvel Studios Fanfare (0:29)

  1. JAMO says:

    Waiting to hear track 26!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Macejko says:

    It will sound like each and every Tyler score: one great theme and terribly bland, uninspired rest. They should have stick with Carter Burwell (he would absolutely crushed it) or call back Patrick Doyle (his Thor was easily the best Marvel score). But since Tyler is probably the only composer in Hollywood who’s happy to NOT express his opinion about how the music should be done, I’m not surprised that Marvel executives love him so much that they hired him for another film. I expect he will be their primary composer for now on, or at least their primary replacement composer for those lovely times when they fire more talented ones. And I’m ok with that. At least there will be more decent movies left for better composers.

    • TNBC says:

      Completely agree with you on that Macejko, Patrick Doyle’s score was absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish. Am Also pretty pissed they’re not inviting him back and using Brian Tyler again and again. The one thing I am looking forward to is Henry Jackman (Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class) doing the score for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the snippet they released already had me captivated so I have a feeling that film’s score is going to be epic.

      • Saurabh says:

        The snippet released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not from Jackman’s score, but it will be great if the score turns out like that.

  3. Mako says:

    Who knows the music that was ringtone of Jane Foster in film?

  4. Jamie says:

    I saw this film last week at the cinema in 3D and it was truly epic, with a score to match!

    BrianTyler did a fantastic job again, after the success of his score for Iron Man 3 I applaud his efforts in bringing a different feel to the world of Thor and building on the power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    I keep listening back to the track “Escaping the Realm” from the Thor Dark World Soundtrack, it is so powerful and really gets the blood flowing.

    Let us hope we haven’t heard the last of Brian Tyler in the Marvel Universe.

    I highly recommend buying the score once you have seen the film.

  5. Mel says:

    This is such a beautiful soundtrack, I bought it because of Frigga’s funeral scene. Wondering if the song that plays is “Into Eternity”? I think so, but I’d have to watch it again (or ask) to be sure.

    • M says:

      “Into Eternity” is Frigga’s burial scene. The song inspires SO much emotion and really is beautiful. It’s slightly similar to “Lokasenna”.

  6. Em says:

    “Into Eternity” is in fact Frigga’s burila scene.

  7. M says:

    Does anybody know what the correct order of songs is? the track list on the cd is completely out of order to the way it is in the movie. HELP!!!!

  8. Daniel says:

    The soundtrack is now on amazon:

    My fav is the funeral scene song. so beautiful.

  9. Mr V says:

    I being of little knowledge in the music and composition of music, I can honestly say I have a keen sense of beautiful sounds. This said, I was emotional during Frigga’s funeral scene, I had to Google the soundtrack. It was amazing.

  10. Lijo Joseph says:

    background music is real touchy, especially “Into Eternity”

  11. Tonyt says:

    The burial music main rhythm sounds the same as the tune on the last airbender when he threatens to swamp the fleet