breaking-bad-2Madison Gate Records has released a new soundtrack album for AMC’s critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning drama Breaking Bad. The album features previously unreleased selections from the show’s original music composed by Dave Porter. Breaking Bad: Original Score from the Television Series Volume 2 is now available to download on iTunes, where you can also listen to audio clips. The label has previously released a soundtrack album for the show featuring songs from the first two seasons (click here for the full details), as well an album featuring selections of the score from all five seasons (click here for more information). The series finale of Breaking Bad created by Vince Gilligan and starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn will air this Sunday, September 30 on AMC. For updates on the drama, visit the official show website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Breaking Bad “Sunset” End Credits (1:41)
2. The Bike Lock (1:50)
3. Follicles (1:25)
4. 308 Negra Arroyo Lane (1:23)
5. Eyeball in the Drawer (1:43)
6. Salud (2:58)
7. Building a Bomb (1:30)
8. Dead Freight (9:02)
9. Radiator (2:20)
10. White House Visit (2:07)
11. Almost Alaska (1:42)
12. Fumes (3:14)
13. Gas Can Rage (3:29)
14. Circling the Square (4:14)
15. To’hajiilee (3:56)
16. Hank’s Last Stand (2:27)
17. Chained Dog (3:16)
18. We’re a Family (1:39)
19. The Final Hat (2:14)
20. Dimple Pinch Neat (2:29)

  1. chris says:

    YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!

  2. Miles says:

    I so wanted this to happen and it did! YAY!