the-newsroomJohnny Klimek is the new composer of the HBO original series The Newsroom. The co-composer of such films as Run Lola Run, The Perfume, The InternationalOne Hour PhotoKiller Elite and last year’s Cloud Atlas, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination, is writing the score for the second season of the show created by Aaron Sorkin. The first season, which premiered last year on HBO was scored by Alex Wurman. The main title theme by Thomas Newman will continue to be used for the new season. The Newsroom starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Olivia Munn, Dev Patel and Sam Waterston follows the people who make a nightly cable-news program and tracks their quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles-not to mention their own personal entanglements. The show will return for its second season this Sunday, June 14 and will air every week on HBO. To learn more about the drama, visit the official series website.

As previously reported, Klimek has also co-scored the monster action film I, Frankenstein starring Aaron Eckhardt with Reinhold Heil. The movie is currently set to be released on January 24, 2014 by Lionsgate. The composer also has the horror thriller sequel Wolf Creek 2 coming up. The film is directed Greg Mclean and stars Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn and Philipe Klaus and John Jarratt. The original 2005 film, which was released in the US by Dimension Films, featured a score by Frank Tetaz. It has just been announced that the sequel will be released on February 20, 2014 in Australia. No word yet on a domestic release.