varesesarabandeThe New York Times and Variety are reporting that the Cutting Edge Group and its partner Wood Creek Capital Management have acquired the soundtrack record label Varèse Sarabande. With the purchase of the label, Cutting Edge will extend its portfolio that includes the management of music rights, the representation of composers and upfront investment in the music for films. According to the article, the plan for Varèse Sarabande is to increase its output by half to at least 60 soundtracks a year under the new ownership. It is expected that the label will release most or all of the soundtracks for the films that Cutting Edge will be working on. Among the upcoming projects that Cutting Edge is involved in are Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects, which features a score composed by Thomas Newman, as well as Taylor Hackford’s Parker scored by David Buckley. Both scores will be released on the Varèse label.

  1. Miles says:

    Well, more CDs sounds good to me.

  2. Justin Boggan says:

    That dump of Varese CD’s in Family Dollar stores the in last year, that’s an attempt to sell out backstock that’s not selling, not moving. More’s not always the best thing. Quality, not qauntity.

    For goodness sake’s, they have some great scores on the Club side, that have still not sold out ten nearly a decade later.