Jonathan Goldsmith has been hired to score the upcoming comedy drama Take This Waltz. The movie stars Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman and Luke Kirby. The film is written and directed by Sarah Polley who has worked with Goldsmith on her directorial feature debut Away from Her. Take the Waltz centers on a young woman whose struggles with infidelity leads her to the realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationship. No release date has been set for independently produced film, but it is expected to come out in the later half of this year.

Goldsmith also has the Canadian drama Down the Road Again directed by Donald Shebib and starring Doug McGrath, Kathleen Robinson and Anthony Lemke, as well as the documentary Wiebo’s War coming up.

  1. Will a soundtrack be released of the score or the songs in the movie?