Avatar – Soundtrack Deluxe Edition coming

Posted: April 10, 2010 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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Atlantic Records announced that an expanded release of James Horner’s score for Avatar will be released on April 20. The Avatar – Deluxe Edition will be a download-only release and include six bonus tracks of unreleased music in addition to the previous album tracks. The new tracks contain about 20 minutes of unreleased music. To listen to clips from the album, check out Amazon.

Here’s the deluxe edition tracklisting:

01. “You Don’t Dream In Cryo….” (6:09) 
02. Jake Enters His Avatar World (5:24) 
03. Pure Spirits of The Forest (8:49) 
04. The Bioluminescence of The Night (3:37) 
05. Becoming One of “The People” – Becoming One With Neytiri (7:43) 
06. Climbing Up “Iknimaya – The Path To Heaven” (3:18 ) 
07. Jake’s First Flight (4:50) 
08. Scorched Earth (3:32) 
09. Quaritch (5:01) 
10. The Destruction of Hometree (6:47) 
11. Shutting Down Grace’s Lab (2:47) 
12. Gathering All The Na’vi Clans For Battle (5:14) 
13. War (11:21) 
14. I See You [Theme from Avatar] (4:20) 
15. Pandora (Bonus Track) (3:17) 
16. Viperwolves Attack (Bonus Track) (3:50) 
17. Great Leonoptryx (Bonus Track) (1:33) 
18. Escape From Hellgate (Bonus Track) (3:25) 
19. Healing Ceremony (Bonus Track) (2:21) 
20. The Death of Quaritch (Bonus Track) (5:20)

  1. Warlock says:

    Thanks God it’s a download only.
    For a bad work like that a new edition wasn’t necessary.
    Atlantic Records should spend its money to release true music… not bad works like that.
    Horner wrote excellent scores in the past… but now he writes bad as Remote Control’s members.

    • eywa says:

      THE BEST SCORE OF JAMES HORNER. Ever. It’s not a “bad work”, and the music is really good. Atlantic records should spend its money to release this compilation.
      The complete score (5 hours of music) is really good!

    • r2d2 says:

      This soundtrack is exceptional, bad work??????? Do you like MierdaYoutube? the score of avatar is a really good job. I will buy the deluxe edition, especially the “5 hours – soundtrack”.

  2. eewee1 says:

    Just listened to the samples. Uh. Sampled orchestra. Why? Could Atlantic not afford to pay the union (AFM, Local 47)? What a disappointment!

  3. utari says:

    great music, i like it!!