ASCAP recently uploaded a new interview with composer Ramin Djawadi, who just finished working on Clash of the Titans which premieres in theaters this weekend. In the interview, Djawadi talks about his collaboration with director Louis Leterrier, the scoring process on the movie, working with composer/producer Neil Davidge from Massive Attack, his general approach to scoring movies and his work on the TV show Flash Forward, which he is currently scoring. To check out the complete interview, click here.

APRIL 7 Update: Another interview with Djawadi on his Clash of the Titans score can be found on the iF Magazine page. For an audio interview with Djawadi on the score, check out

  1. ahmad pejman says:

    I am an Iranian composer , studied in Vienna academy of music, writing the first Persian opera for the inauguration of Tehran opera house before iranian revolution ,still busy writing
    film music and mostly orchestral music .
    My music have been performed in various countries .
    last night we watched The safe house,it is an amazing film music ,I loved it so much that I
    tried to know more about you ,I am sorry that we Iranian know nothing about you.
    I would like to introduce you to Iran and Iranian community,they would be very proud.
    I know you must be very busy,if there is a way to contact you please let me know
    all the best
    ahmad pejman