Pain Hustlers

Music by James Newton Howard and Michael Dean Parsons

Music Editors: Allan Jenkins, Steve Durkee
Orchestration: Jeff Atmajian
Score Recorded by: Jonathan Allen
Score Mixed by: Alan Meyerson
Score Programming: Michael Dean Parsons, Tobin Pugash, Aldo Arechar

Orchestra Conducted by: Cliff Masterson
Orchestra Leader: Thomas Bowers
Orchestra Contractor: Susie Gillis for Isobel Griffiths LTD
Score Coordinator: Pamela Sollie
Music Librarian: Adri Mena
Music Preparation: JoAnnKane Music Service
Score Mix Assistant: Michael Gossard
Score Recordist: George Oulton
Scoring Crew: Marta Di Nozzi
Score Interns: Ryan Fogal, Colin Troughton
Score Recorded at: Angel Studios, London UK
Score Mixed at: Ocean View Sound, Los Angeles, CA

Music Supervisor: Ciara Elwis
Assistant Music Supervisor: Maria Adaixo
Music Consultants: Ian Neil, Lucy Bright

Soundtrack album to be released by Netflix Music