Forrest Gray has released a soundtrack album for the Irish mystery thriller Barber. The album features the composer’s original score from the film and is now available to stream/download on Amazon and most other major digital music services. Listen to the composer’s title track after the jump. Barber is co-written and directed by Fintan Connolly and stars Aidan Gillen, Aisling Kearns, Gary Lydon, Helen Behan, Deirdre Donnelly and Liam Carney. The movie revolves around a private investigator who exposes dark secrets and corruption after a wealthy widow’s granddaughter goes missing. The thriller opened in Irish theaters in early 2023 and was released in select U.S. theaters and on VOD this past September by Brainstorm Media.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Barber (1:06)
2. Patrick Joseph O’Neill (0:33)
3. Searching the Crime Scene (2:41)
4. Kate (0:41)
5. Alley Altercation (0:59)
6. Val (1:41)
7. Putting the Pieces Together (0:47)
8. Loverboy (1:16)
9. Billiards (1:36)
10. Death Threats (0:52)
11. Pulling at the Threads (1:06)
12. Barber’s Dilemma (1:48)
13. Father and Daughter (1:29)
14. Brady’s Resignation (0:49)
15. The Winds of Dublin (4:06)