Genie Music has released two soundtrack albums for the South Korean Netflix original series A Time Called You. A first album features the songs from the show by artists including Kim Meon Sok, Baek A, Isaac Hong & others (click here to stream/download) and a second album features selections of the score and instrumental music by Choi In Hee, Oh Hye Joo, Lee Sori, Lim Hyun Ji (click here to stream/download). A Time Called You is created by Kim Jin-won & Choi Hyo-bi and stars Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-been and Kang Hoon. The sci-fi romance revolves around a grieving woman who magically travels through time to 1998, where she meets a man with an uncanny resemblance to her late love. The series just premiered last Friday and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the song album:

1. Never Ending Story – Kim Meon Sok (3:31)
2. Already One Year – LIM KIM (3:43)
3. Melody – Baek A (4:04)
4. Never Got to Say That I Love You – Sondia (4:08)
5. Bye Baek – Kei Hon (4:09)
6. Between Love and Friendship – Dae Kwang (4:08)
7. Be with You – Isaac Hong (3:24)

Here’s the track list of the score album:

1. I Will Find You – Lee Sori (2:36)
2. Youth – Choi In Hee & Lim Hyun Ji (2:54)
3. Star – Lim Hyun Ji (3:09)
4. Leap Through Time – Choi In Hee & Oh Hye Joo (4:28)
5. Auto Reverse – Choi In Hee & Oh Hye Joo (3:49)
6. Take It – Lee Sori (2:58)
7. Us and Them – Choi In Hee & Lim Hyun Ji (4:15)
8. Serenade in E Minor – Choi In Hee & Oh Hye Joo (2:58)
9. Without You – Choi In Hee & Lee Sori (4:06)
10. Ever After – Choi In Hee & Oh Hye Joo (3:46)