Lakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for the Peacock original series The Resort. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Andrew Carroll (Lodge 49, The Grand Son). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, March 24 and will be available to stream/download on all major digital music services, including Amazon. The Resort is created by Andy Siara and stars William Jackson Harper, Cristin Milioti, Skyler Gisondo, Nina Bloomgarden, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Gabriela Cartol and Nick Offerman. The comedic thriller follows a couple on an anniversary trip who find themselves embroiled in one of the Yucatan’s most bizarre unsolved mysteries that took place fifteen years prior. The series premiered last summer and is now available to stream on Peacock.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Welcome to the Oceana Vista (4:18)
2. Who Are You (1:05)
3. Love and Loss (3:44)
4. Skinny Dipping (3:17)
5. Market Chase (2:00)
6. Santa on the Balcony (1:21)
7. Christmas Eve Ruins (6:07)
8. What Did You Do (4:48)
9. End of the Beginning (2:13)
10. Allow Yourself to Remember (3:18)
11. He Took Our Phones (2:23)
12. Get Back Here (0:57)
13. The Road to Pasaje (3:33)
14. Hi Mr. Thompson (1:49)
15. This Is About Violet and Sam (1:09)
16. Lost in the Jungle / Helicopter (2:40)
17. Married or Not (1:27)
18. This Is Pasaje (0:19)
19. Endlessly Floating (3:42)
20. It Gets Better (1:16)
21. I Didn’t Want to Lose 15 Years (1:59)
22. Something Has Found Me (1:42)