Keefus Ciancia (Killing Eve, True Detective, London Spy, Made for Love, Diana, NashvilleThe FallThe Motel Life) is scoring the upcoming FX and BBC limited series Great Expectations. The show is developed by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Taboo) based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel and stars Fionn Whitehead, Olivia Colman, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Ashley Thomas, Johnny Harris, Owen McDonnell, Hayley Squires, Trystan Gravelle, Rudi Dharmalingam, Laurie Ogden, Chloe Lea, Tom Sweet and Matt Berry. The 6-parter tells the coming-of-age story of Pip, an orphan who yearns for a greater life, until a twist of fate and a mysterious benefactor opens a dark world of possibilities. Knight is also executive producing the project with Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator), Dean Baker (A Christmas Carol), David W. Zucker (The Man in the High Castle, The Good Wife) and Kate Crowe (The Third Day). Great Expectations will premiere in the U.S. on March 26, 2023 on Hulu and will debut in the UK on BBC One.

  1. What a phenomenal adaptation with this rich music score , to add to the sumptuous feel of Victorian London . The acting is incredible & it’s so fresh , ty for the brave approach , the empire is shown in all its greed & exploitation. Pip certainly learns exactly what it means to be a gentleman- rat snake vulture then a a 19th C Gentleman