Walt Disney Records has released the official soundtrack album for the Disney+ original movie Pinocchio. The album features the film’s original score composed by Academy Award nominee Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future, Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame, Forrest GumpCaptain America: The First Avenger). Also included are the songs from the movie, including four original tracks written by Silvestri & Glen Ballard (Jagged Little PillBack to the Future: The Musical), as well as new covers of three songs from Disney’s animated classic, including the Academy Award-winning When You Wish Upon a Star (click here for the full list of songs). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on all major digital music platforms, including Amazon. Pinocchio is directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cynthia Erivo, Lorraine Bracco, Keegan-Michael Key and Luke Evans. The movie is premiering today exclusively on Disney+.

Here’s the album track list:

1. When You Wish Upon a Star – Cynthia Erivo (1:58)
2. Jiminy Cricket’s the Name (1:26)
3. When He Was Here With Me – Tom Hanks (3:26)
4. You Should Have a Name of Your Own (1:51)
5. Pinocchio, Pinocchio – Tom Hanks (1:10)
6. He’s Alive (3:02)
7. Am I Real (2:54)
8. I Can Talk and So Can You (2:03)
9. Off to School (1:21)
10. Famous! (3:09)
11. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life for Me) – Keegan-Michael Key (1:09)
12. Get Me Outta’ Here (3:11)
13. I’ve Got No Strings – Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (1:39)
14. Sabina’s Waltz (0:31)
15. I Will Always Dance – Kyanne Lamaya (1:54)
16. This Will Be Your Home (5:10)
17. A Lie Can Really Change a Person (3:14)
18. The Collection (2:28)
19. The Coachman to Pleasure Island – Luke Evans (1:32)
20. Pleasure Island (4:44)
21. I Wonder Where Everybody Is (1:38)
22. Somebody Help Me (3:04)
23. He Sold His Clocks to Find Me (2:09)
24. I Have An Idea (3:28)
25. Monstro Attacks (3:45)
26. Here He Comes (1:23)
27. I Have to Help Him (1:08)
28. We’re All Here (1:54)
29. Pinocchio Main Title (1:14)

  1. JackS says:

    Very good soundtrack, really retains the charm of the original animated classic! 💖