Milan Records will release a new soundtrack album for the musical drama Annette. The album features all the music from the film written by art-pop duo Sparks (Ron and Russell Mael), with lyrics co-written by the band and director Leos Carax, and performed by movie’s cast and Sparks themselves. Also included are six demos and unreleased tracks used during the conception of the film. The 2-CD set, which also includes a 28-page booklet containing all the lyrics of the songs. will be released on November 19 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. A digital version is also expected to come out around the same time. The label has previously released the Cannes Edition featuring selections of the film’s music. Annette is co-written and directed by Carax and stars Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, Simon Helberg and Devyn McDowell. The drama, which premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, was released in U.S. theaters this past August by Amazon Studios and is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the album track list:

Disc 1:

1. So May We Start
2. True Love Always Finds a Way
3. How ’bout a Smile, Ann?
4. We Love Each Other So Much
5. Show Biz News (Tied the Knot)
6. I’m an Accompanist
7. Forest Intro / Aria (The Forest)
8. Finale
9. Show Biz News (New Born Girl)
10. She’s Out of this World!
11. Calm Before the Opera
12. Six Women Have Come Forward (Film Version)
13. You Used to Laugh
14. Girl From the Middle of Nowhere
15. Lalalala
16. My Star’s in Decline
17. Show Biz News (Respective Success)
18. Lullaby for Annette
19. Let’s Waltz in the Storm!
20. We’ve Washed Ashore
21. Baby Aria (The Moon)
22. I Will Haunt You, Henry
23. We Are the Police
24. I’m a Good Father
25. Baby Aria (She’s a Miracle)
26. The Conductor
27. Something that Will Blow Your Mind / Baby Aria (Can You Explain It?) / It’s Not Really Exploitation
28. Every Night the Same Dream

Disc 2:

1. Premiere Performance of Baby Annette
2. Baby Aria (First Performance)
3. We Love Annette!
4. We Love Each Other So Much (Lullaby)
5. All the Girls
6. So Glad to Be Back at Home – We Love Each Other So Much (Annette) – You Had No Right!
7. Murder of a Conductor
8. Show Biz News (Never Again)
9. Hyper Bowl
10. True Love Always Finds a Way (Reprise)
11. He Is a Murderer!
12. Stepping Back in Time
13. Courtroom Spirit
14. Abyss Intro
15. Sympathy for the Abyss (Film Version)
16. The Lamp
17. We Love Each Other So Much – End Theme
18. It’s the End
19. Intro to Henry’s Show (A)
20. The Zygomatic Rap
21. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh (A)
22. Ok, Ready, Laugh!
23. So Why Did I Become a Comedian?
24. So Why Did You Become a Comedian?
25. Introspective (A)
26. Opera Bows
27. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh (B)
28. Intro to Henry’s Show (B)
29. Introspective (B)
30. We Love Each Other So Much (First Demo)
31. Worth Her Weight in Gold (Demo)
32. You Used to Laugh (Demo)
33. This Is a Baby
34. Is She Legitimate? (Demo)
35. Upstaged (Demo)