The Soundtrack Mill will release a soundtrack album for the British comedy Me, Myself & Di. The album features the film’s original score composed by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold (Dead Pixels, Stoner Express, The Hatton Gardon Job, Hoodies vs. Hooligans). Also included are songs by Phil Watts, Grace Furbank and Jason and the Skagonauts. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, July 16 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Me, Myself and Di is directed by Chris Green and stars Katy Clayton, Lucy Pinder, James Lance, Will Mellor, Tyger Drew-Honey, Larry Lamb, Marek Oravec and Wim Snape. The movie centers on woman who wins the trip of a lifetime to a caravan park in Rhyl, North Wales and decides to be the opposite of who she actually is in order to find love. The comedy has been released in the UK in select theaters, on Digital and DVD last month.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Meet Janet (1:27)
2. That’s Right – Phil Watts (3:33)
3. Positive (1:07)
4. Walk on By (1:51)
5. Lionel Vinyl – Phil Watts (2:14)
6. A Bit of Class (1:13)
7. The Beach (3:13)
8. How on Earth Do You Know Diana? (1:53)
9. For You (feat. Kirsty Murray) – Phil Watts (3:17)
10. There’s Never Been Anyone Ever (2:35)
11. Jaunty Jonty (1:32)
12. Can You Spare a Minute Gorgeous? (2:07)
13. Bikini Babes (1:57)
14. Sugar Pub Fairy (Tchaikovsky) (1:48)
15. Forever More – Grace Furbank (4:04)
16. The Winner (1:39)
17. You Sound Just Like Di (2:52)
18. Bolton’s Best Kept Bollywood Secret (2:23)
19. I Were Lying (2:32)
20. Ska Girl – Jason and the Skagonauts (3:36)
21. What Are You Doing Here? (3:09)
22. End Credits (3:15)