Gaute Storaas (A Man Called Ove, The Last King, Nina’s Children, Victoria) has recently scored the upcoming Swedish Netflix original film Dancing Queens. The movie is directed by Helena Bergström (Mending Hugo’s Heart, Holy Mess) and stars Molly Nutley, Marie Göranzon, Claes Malmberg, Rakel Wärmländer, Christopher Wollter, Ann Westin, Mattias Nordkvist, Max Ulveson, Razmus Nyström, Emil Almén, André Christenson, Fredrik Robertsson, Louie Indriana, Robert Fux, Dominika Peczynski and Fredrik Quiñones. The comedy drama revolves around a dancer who gets a job cleaning at a struggling drag club dreams of being in the show, when her talent catches an ambitious choreographer’s eye. Bergström also co-wrote the screenplay with Denize Karabuda. Joana Sorobetea is producing the project for Sweetwater Productions. Dancing Queens will premiere on exclusively on June 3, 2021 on Netflix.

Storaas has also recently composed the music for the Norwegian animated feature Christmas at Cattle Hill, which was released in Scandinavian markets last fall and has been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films for a domestic debut this year.