Silva Screen Records has announced the details of the full soundtrack album for the BBC Earth documentary Meerkat: A Dynasties Special. The album features the original music from the special composed by Benji Merrison (SAS: Red Notice, Strange Magic) and Will Slater (One Strange RockAfrica, Planet Earth Live) who previously scored the original 2018 Dynasties series. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, February 26 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music stores. The label has previously released a 4-track EP featuring four score suites written by the composers last year. Meerkat: A Dynasties Special is produced and directed by Emma Napper, narrated by Sir David Attenborough  follows the young meerkat queen Maghogho and her family battling to survive in hostile environment, during a drought. The BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, which is presented as the introductory film of the upcoming series Dynasties II, premiered in the UK in December on BBC One.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Dynasties Opening Titles (2:29)
2. Meerkats Introduction (1:30)
3. Maghogho’s Theme (1:32)
4. Gathering Food (1:40)
5. Bonds Run Deep (1:45)
6. Nowhere to Hide (1:34)
7. Chase Sequence (2:30)
8. The Next Morning (2:50)
9. Searched all Night (1:47)
10. Heading Away (3:01)
11. The Rival Group (2:29)
12. TT Submits (2:07)
13. Makgadikgadi (2:10)
14. Time to Take Cover (1:23)
15. Life is Fragile (1:18)
16. Drought Breaks (1:07)
17. Future of the Family (2:47)
18. A Long Day (1:30)
19. Hiding Among the Herds (2:20)
20. One Last Challenge (2:20)
21. A New Hope (1:38)
22. Dynasties End Credits (0:29)