Sherri Chung (RiverdaleBlindspotBatgirl, Nancy Drew and the Hidden StaircaseThe Red Line) has released a soundtrack album for the indie drama The Last Husband. The album features the composer’s original score from the movie and is now available to stream/download here, where you can also check out audio samples. The Last Husband is written and directed by Vicky Wight and stars Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Nora Dunn and Sharon Lawrence. The movie is based on the novel by Katherine Center and centers on a woman attempting to put her life back together after the death of her husband, as she moves with her children into her estranged Aunt’s goat farm in Central Texas, meeting and matching wills with the ranch’s resident cowboy. The drama was released on VOD this past spring by Quiver Distribution and is now also available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Have to Get Away (3:48)
2. Something New (0:28)
3. Where Am I? (1:09)
4. Happy New Year (1:11)
5. Meet O Connor (1:13)
6. Farm Tour (2:12)
7. Libby Freaks Out (1:11)
8. Aunt Jean in the Kitchen (2:01)
9. A Full House (1:23)
10. How Are You Feeling? (0:58)
11. Danny (2:24)
12. A Noise in the Barn (0:26)
13. Locked in the Fridge (1:10)
14. Russ Finds Them (0:54)
15. An Answer for Everything (0:22)
16. I Miss Daddy (1:53)
17. Farm Life (1:38)
18. Planting a Garden (0:41)
19. I Hate Terrible People (2:08)
20. Marsha (1:10)
21. Marsha Leaves (0:34)
22. Teaching Sunshine (0:39)
23. A Walk at Night With Sunshine (2:14)
24. Talking to Danny (0:29)
25. Taking the Ring Off (0:41)
26. You’re Not Your Mother (0:52)
27. Abby’s Been Hurt (0:29)
28. Everyone Get a Present (0:34)
29. An Old Familiar House (2:24)
30. She Left You (2:11)
31. Libby Remembers (2:46)
32. Finding Home (1:33)
33. Didn’t Miss You (0:39)

  1. I want to order a CD of the Soundtrack of the movie The Lost Husband. Can you help ? My cell is 480-205-0546

    • dirty_score says:

      You can buy the mp3 album if you click on the description link. I’m not sure if they’re gonna produce CD’s…