Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou has written the original score for the upcoming drama The Last Planet. The film is written and directed by Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line, Days of Heaven, The Tree of Life) and stars Geza Rohrig as Jesus Christ, Matthias Schoenaerts as Apostle Peter, Mark Rylance as Satan, as well as Aidan Turner, Joseph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Douglas Booth, Martin McCann, Tawfeek Barhom, Ori Pfeffer, Shadi Mar’i, Makram Khoury, Numan Acar and Emilio De Marchi. The movie tells the story of Christ’s life through a series of parables. Karaindrou has previously contributed music to Malick’s 2016 feature Voyage of Time. Her previous film scoring credits include several features directed by Theo Angelopoulos, including Eternity and a Day, Ulysses’ Gaze and The Beekeeper. The Last Planet is expected to premiere in 2021.