T-65b Records has released a soundtrack album for the crime drama series Big Dogs. The album features selections of the original music from Season 1 of the show composed by Austin Wintory (JourneyAssassin’s Creed: Syndicate, John Wick Hex, Captain Abu RaedErica). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Big Dogs is created by Adam Dunn and stars Brett Cullen, Manny Perez, Michael Rabe, Lance Henriksen, Jeff Kober and Michael Richardson. The drama exists in an alternate reality of New York City, where businesses are shuttered, crime is rampant, black markets thrive and drugs are run via taxis and detectives use taxis for undercover teams trying to rein in the chaos. The full first season of the series is now available to stream on Prime Video and Tubi. Visit the official show website for more information.

Here’s the album track list:

1. How the Party Ended (Main Titles) (1:39)
2. Noricum Ripense: Renny (2:22)
3. Noricum Ripense: Why so Nervous? (4:30)
4. Noricum Ripense: One Year Earlier (3:05)
5. As Seen on TV: He Knows Enough (2:40)
6. As Seen on TV: Gravity of the Situation (2:10)
7. Things I’ve Done: Call Me When You Get This (5:57)
8. Things I’ve Done: Land Is Power (2:32)
9. Things I’ve Done: Sixto on the Hunt (3:52)
10. All for None: This Is How It Happens (3:47)
11. All for None: It Wasn’t Me (1:27)
12. All for None: I Have This Job (3:00)
13. All for None: I Don’t Think We Wanna Know (1:50)
14. All Eyes on Thee: Slow Walks and Fast Drives (3:08)
15. Nation of Men: Going out of Business (3:00)
16. Nation of Men: Who Is He? (4:24)
17. Rome and Everything After: Tell Me (3:35)
18. Rome and Everything After: The Aquarium (5:46)
19. Into the Blurring Dead: Sing a Song of Thunder (14:35)
20. Into the Blurring Dead: Have We Been Decent? (3:05)
21. Into the Blurring Dead: Do What You Must (6:42)