Netflix has announced today that songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt, lead vocalist and guitarist of the metal band Opeth, is set to compose the music for the upcoming Netflix original series Clark. The show is co-written and directed by Jonas Åkerlund (Lords of Chaos, Polar) and stars Bill Skarsgård as Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson who has been referred to as a “celebrity gangster” and has given rise to the concept of Stockholm syndrome, managed to escape prisons and committed robberies all over Europe. The 6-parter is based Olofsson’s autobiography Vafan var det som hände and will follow his early years until present day. Åkerlund and Skarsgård are also executive producing the  Scandinavian Content Group production with Hans Engholm. The project will mark Åkerfeldt’s scoring debut. No premiere date has been announced yet for Clark.

  1. dekken says:

    This has gained that show a whole shit ton of rabid opeth fans