Laurent Eyquem (Copperhead, Winnie Mandela, NostalgiaUSS Indianapolis: Men of Courage) is set to score the upcoming action drama Finding Jack. The film directed by Anton Ernst & Tati Golykh is based on Gareth Crocker’s novel of the same title about the existence and abandonment of more than 10,000 military dogs at the end of the Vietnam War. Academy Award nominee Diane Warren has composed an original song for the project. James Dean will (through CGI technology) posthumously star in the film. Ernst & Golykh are also producing the project for Magic City Films, alongside Donald A. Barton for Artistry Media Group. Eyquem has previously scored the 2015 Ernst-produced thriller Momentum. Finding Jack is currently in pre-production and is set to be released on Veteran’s Day 2020. (THR)