Lakeshore Records has announced a soundtrack album for the period drama Colette. The album features the film’s original music composed by Thomas Adès. Also included are a number of classical pieces by Camille Saint-Saëns, Erik Satie and Claude Debussy. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, December 7 and will be available to download on Amazon. Colette is directed by by Wash Westmoreland and stars Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Denise Gough, Fiona Shaw, Robert Pugh and Eleanor Tomlinson. The movie revolves around the French novelist (author of Gigi and Cheri) who overcomes an abusive marriage to emerge as a leading writer in turn-of-the-century Paris and a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The drama premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and was released in theaters this fall by Bleecker Street and 30 West. Also visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Snow Globe (2:58)
2. Willy’s Arrival (1:12)
3. Valse Du Salon (3:36)
4. Willy Finds the Manuscripts (0:43)
5. Etching Montage (1:23)
6. The Lake (1:17)
7. These are the Copses (1:30)
8. Septet in E Flat Major Op65 IV (Saint Saens) (2:04)
9. Claudine a L’Ecole Print (1:01)
10. Claudine a Paris (1:04)
11. Arrival at the Theatre (0:41)
12. Dream of Egypt (2:05)
13. Anger by the Seine (0:42)
14. Polaire’s Arrival (1:05)
15. Jules Colette Burial (1:08)
16. Gnossienne No 1 Lent (Satie) (0:47)
17. Lost Your Touch (1:35)
18. Still Need Your Headmaster (1:15)
19. Missy and Colette (1:04)
20. Claudines Are Everywhere (1:01)
21. Arabesque (Debussy) (2:21)
22. Colette Is Free (1:24)
23. Flesh (1:08)
24. La Vagabonde (1:07)
25. Colette’s Journey (1:57)
26. Colette (4:09)