Rob (aka Robin Coudert) (Maniac, Horns, Troy: Fall of a City, Revenge, Plantarium) has composed the music for the upcoming sci-fi drama Cities of Last Things. The film is written and directed by Ho Wi Ding and stars Jack Kao, Li Hong-Chi, Louise Grinber, Ding Ning, Stone, Huang Lu, Liu Rui-Chi, Hsin Yin, Liu Juei-Chi and Shin Yin. The movie is told in reverse-chronological order and follows a depressed, ex-police officer pining for a lost love and fighting with his unfaithful wife about their long-soured relationship. Ding is also producing the project with Hu Chih-Hsin, Ronan Wong, Winnie Lau, Alexis Perrin and Chen Shih-Yong. Cities of Last Things is premiering today at the Toronto Film Festival. No word yet on a domestic release.