Walt Disney Records will release a soundtrack album for the family drama Christopher Robin. The album features the film’s original score composed by Geoff Zanelli (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disturbia) & Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Magnolia). Also included are three original songs written by Richard Sherman. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, August 3 and will be available to download here, where you can also check out audio samples. Christopher Robin is directed by Marc Forster and stars Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Bronte Carmichael, Mark Gatiss, Jim Cummings, Chris O’Dowd, Brad Garrett, Toby Jones, Nick Mohammed, Peter Capaldi and Sophie Okonedo. The movie tells the story of Robin, the little boy from the Winnie the Pooh series, who is now all-grown-up and lost all sense of imagination. The drama is being released in theaters nationwide this weekend by Walt Disney Pictures.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Storybook (1:22)
2. Goodbye, Farewell – Jim Cummings, Brad Garrett, Toby Jones, Peter Capaldi, Sophie Okonedo, Nick Mohammed & Sara Sheen (1:19)
3. Not Doing Nothing Anymore (2:49)
4. I Would Have Liked It to Go on For a While Longer (2:04)
5. Chapters – Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion (2:59)
6. Evelyn Goes It Alone (2:33)
7. Easy to Lose Your Way on a Foggy Day (2:40)
8. Through the Tree (1:25)
9. It’s Not Stress, It’s Pooh (1:28)
10. Train Station (2:28)
11. Sussex (1:12)
12. Returning to the Hundred Acre Wood (4:26)
13. Did You Let Me Go? (3:37)
14. Swimmer or Sinker (2:11)
15. Heffalump Battle (1:30)
16. Is It Christopher Robin? (1:54)
17. But I Found You, Didn’t I? (2:35)
18. Madeline’s Red Balloon (0:54)
19. Expotition to London (4:14)
20. Nothing Ever Bad Came from Bouncing (1:40)
21. A Father of Very Little Brain (3:34)
22. My Favorite Day (2:43)
23. I Do Nothing Every Day (2:57)
24. Busy Doing Nothing – Richard M. Sherman (0:45)
25. Christopher Robin – Richard M. Sherman (1:18)