The full details of the soundtrack album for the British romantic comedy Finding Your Feet have been revealed. The album features songs from and inspired by the movie, including the original song Running To the Future performed by Elkie Brooks and written by Johnny Daukes, as well as tracks by Bill Haley & His Comet, Michael Jackson, Jamie Joseph, The Big Bopper, Boris Gardiner, the movie’s composer Michael McEvoy (Me and Orson Welles, Forget Me Not) & more. The soundtrack will be released on February 23, 2018 by Virgin Records and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Finding Your Feet is directed by Richard Loncraine and stars Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, Joanna Lumley and David Haymanand. The movie centers on a woman who discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and finds her aspirational world turned upside down as she approaches the ‘third age’ of her life. The comedy will debut in UK theaters on February 23 and will be released in U.S. theaters on March 30 by Roadside Attractions. Visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock – Bill Haley & His Comets (2:09)
2. Chantilly Lace (Single Version) – The Big Bopper (2:23)
3. Rockin’ Robin – Michael Jackson (2:31)
4. Love In the Family – Johnny Daukes, Christine Lockhart, Stefan Frank, Kevin Armstrong & Ashley Dublin (1:44)
5. Le Freak / Stomp! – Tom Linden, Christine Lockhart, Derek Green, Kevin Armstrong & Ashley Dublin (1:11)
6. Kensal Skank – Johnny Daukes, Ashley Dublin & Gilad Atzmon (2:15)
7. Lucky 13’s – Jamie Joseph (2:52)
8. Leave You Behind – Johnny Daukes (2:15)
9. Stone Cold Funk – Michael McEvoy, Henry Appleby & Paul Booth (1:34)
10. The Corkscrew – Johnny Daukes, Graham Sutton & Michael McEvoy (0:37)
11. I Wanna Wake Up With You – Boris Gardiner (2:55)
12. Where Do You Go To My Lovely – Johnny Daukes, Graham Sutton & Gilad Atzmon (1:53)
13. Sisters – The Beverley Sisters & Tony Osborne and His Orchestra (2:32)
14. Taking a Chance On Love – Benny Goodman and His Orchestra (3:10)
15. In the Mood – Gilad Atzmon & Band (0:39)
16. Ran Kan Kan – Luis Lema (3:14)
17. Tintarella di Luna – Mina (2:57)
18. Fuzzy Duck / Break Outta School – Johnny Daukes (1:01)
19. The Beautiful Blue Danube – Johannes Wildner & Johann Strauss Orchestra (10:28)
20. Canon In D – Michael McEvoy (1:29)
21. Running To the Future – Elkie Brooks (3:07)

  1. gary says:

    I’ve seen the film twice and it’s a pity that the tracks on this official soundtrack recording do not reflect the order that they are played in the movie. For example track 20 (Canon in D) is actually the first track played in the movie. Nearly all the other tracks are also not in order. Why they do that I do not know but I know it drives me mad!!!!!!!
    So I’m not buying the album

    • Stu says:

      Gary, you really need to get a life!! The music is wonderful irrespective of what order its played in. All the music was fab, just like the movie!!

  2. Liz Pickles says:

    Elkie Brooks sensational song

  3. Pat C says:

    Can anyone ID the soprano aria that was played with the scenes in Rome for me? Thanks!

    • Andrew says:

      A damn good question. We have been trying to find it and can get neither Soundhound or Shazam to help. I think its from La Boheme but I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated. Don’t know why it isn’t listed.

      • Sonia says:

        I don’t believe it’s from La Boheme nor part of vissi d’Arte. Whatever it is I love it

    • Janet says:

      Vita e per Essere Vissuta
      I just found it on YouTube myself, beautiful isn’t it?

  4. Bob Cohen says:

    I reiterate. I really want to know the name of that soprano aria they play while the group is in Rome. It’s beautiful, and i can’t recall having heard it before.

  5. Dee says:

    Twice in this wonderful movie, there is an opera snippet – a few seconds with a female opera singer, which is absolutely beautiful. Can anyone give the name of this piece of music please?

  6. Patricia says:

    I think the aria IS a few middle bars from Puccini: “Vissi d’Arte”

  7. Fred says:

    Song at end of film

  8. Martin MC Ghee says:

    Film absolutely brilliant and sound track just as good