Lorne Balfe has composed the music for the upcoming action thriller The Hurricane Heist. The film is directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) and stars Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace and Ryan Kwanten. The movie follows a team of tech hackers embarking on a $600 million robbery from a coastal U.S. Mint facility at the same time a Category 5 hurricane is set to strike. Cohen also co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Windhauser, Jeff Dixon, Anthony Fingleton & Carlos Davis (Drop Dead Fred). He is also producing the project with Moshe Diamant (Timecop, Sudden Death), Mark Damon (Monster), Chris Milburn (Getaway), Karen Baldwin (Ray, Sahara), Michael Tadross, Jr., Damiano Tucci, Danny Roth and Bill Immerman. Cohen has previously collaborated with Randy Edelman on most of his movies, including DragonheartxXxDragon: The Bruce Lee Story and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorThe Hurricane Heist is set to be released in theaters in early 2018 by Entertainment Studios. Visit Cohen’s Instagram page for a clip from Balfe’s score.

Balfe’s upcoming projects also include the features Horse Soldiers and Geostorm, as well as the second season of ITV’s Marcella.

  1. Tor says:

    Sweet Jebus! How did this not have Randy Edelman written all over it?

  2. BB says:

    Zimmer’s clone. Zero personality, zero talent.

    • AndrewP says:

      Ha ha !!! Listen to Churchill and say he has not talent !!!

      • BB says:

        I hear the work of a clone of Zimmer? Nor dead!

        • BB says:

          A composer who does not know how to walk with his own legs, does not deserve the least of my attention.

          • Miguel says:

            BB we would love to hear what music you have written!! Sure you are doing really well !!! Balfe this year has written some amazing scores. Genius and Lego Batman were great

          • AndreaM says:

            BB must be deaf ….. and an arrogant fool!!!

          • BB says:

            “Hi, my name is Lorne Balfe. I graduated in music, but my dream was to do film scores. But I’ve never had the talent for it. Until I met my godfather, mentor and master, Hans Zimmer. And since then, with his advice and his influence, I became a front-line Hollywood composer! Without his help, I would never be able to make movies or series like Lego Batman and Genius.”

            Just replace the name Balfe by Jablonsky, Andrew Kawczynski, Geoff Zanelli and so many other clones created by Zimmer.

            And I who am deaf …

        • EdwardP says:

          You think The Chirchull score sounds like zimmer lol lol lol lol! BB you are crazy !

    • MBrady says:

      BB sounds like has some personnel issues lol! And deaf! Ghost in the shell was Lorne’s best yet this year . Really cool news

  3. AndrewP says:

    Excellent news . Lorne is is doing so well this year

  4. Pete says:

    Think BB possibl has jealousy issues !i think this is great news because Rob Cowan is one of the masters in Hollywood . Great to see he is working with Balfe . BB is probably crying reading this but Balfe’s music is fantastic . I expect BB is a failed composer anyway lol!

    • BB says:

      I f*cking s*ck at what you think.

      • Tomo says:

        For someone to have such strong beliefs you really must be a music professor ! I’m not Balfe’s biggest fan but he can’t write good music . And is constantly being booked by films

  5. Michael says:

    BB You have some serious issues man! We all need a mentor from time to time. Maybe you should get one! And you have like no idea how hard it is to get a job as a composer in Hollywood for an A-class movie.

    Lorne Balfe did like way more than Zimmer this year and the quality was absolutely wauw!

    More of Lorne Balfe and less of you would be excellent!

    • Penderghast says:

      BB doesn’t need a mentor, he needs a straightjacket. But trust me, he still isn’t the worst specimen I encountered in the world of film score fans.