a-ghost-storyDaniel Hart is reteaming with director David Lowery on the upcoming drama A Ghost Story. The film is written and directed by Lowery and stars Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Will Oldham, Sonia Acevedo, Rob Zabrecky and Liz Franke. The movie follows a spectral figure, who was once a man and was prematurely taken from this Earth, who makes his way toward his former home, where he is fated to remain forevermore. Toby Halbrooks & James M. Johnston (Listen Up Philip) and Adam Donaghey are producing the project. Hart has previously scored Lowery’s previous three features, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, St. Nick and this year’s Pete’s Dragon. A Ghost Story is set to premiere next month at the Sundance Film Festival.

Hart also recently finished scoring the first season of Fox’s The Exorcist.