‘The Lady’ Soundtrack Details

Posted: November 23, 2011 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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SME Strategic Marketing Group will be releasing the official soundtrack album for Luc Besson’s drama The Lady. The album includes the original score by the director’s regular musical collaborator Eric Serra, as well as the song Soldier of Love by Sade. The soundtrack is scheduled to come out digitally on November 28, 2011 in Europe. A physical release is set to be released on December 6 overseas and is available as an import on Amazon. No word yet on a domestic release of the soundtrack, but check back on this site for updates. For audio clips of all 32 tracks on the album, visit Amazon.co.uk and two full tracks can be checked out on YouTube. The Lady stars Michelle Yeoh as the political activist Aung San Suu Kyi who spent almost 15 years under house arrest in Burma until November of last year and David Thewlis as her husband Michael Aris. The movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and has been picked up by Cohen Media Group for a limited domestic release on December 2, 2011 for an awards-qualifying run and is expected to receive wider release in 2012.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Once Upon A Time In Burma
2. The Young Lady
3. Sad Morning in Oxford
4. Love The Wonderland
5. The Red Scarf
6. Rangoon Family Home
7. The Shewdagon Pagoda Speech
8. Glories Of The Raj
9. Pamphlets For Democracy
10. Daw Suu And The Burmese Tribes
11. The Funeral Of Daw Khin Kyi
12. A Flower Through The Gun Line
13. Long Way To Democracy
14. Be Gentle With Yourself
15. Under House Arrest
16. Hunger Strike
17. The Last Hug
18. Landslide Victory
19. Burmese Rain
20. Nobel Peace Prize 2011
21. Banners Of Freedom
22. Lady In Waiting
23. So Happy You Are Here
24. Unwavering Love
25. Letter From Mikie
26. Be Of Good Cheer
27. Mum Sends Her Love
28. What Kind Of Freedom Is That
29. When The Angels Call
30. The Steel Orchid
31. Seytcha Seytcha
32. Soldier of Love – Sade

  1. Anna says:

    Woderfull picture with wonderfull music – very sad true story… Sade as always great!

  2. Nipanan Loryont says:

    I would like to know the name of music during the speech at the Nobel Prize Hall

    • dani says:

      Palchebel Canon

    • Abshar says:

      Pachelbel Canon, the Music by J.C. Pachelbel. I like this instrumental music and at this recent time we usually hear that music with other model (in a rock style) popularly named “Canon Rock”.

  3. Diong Yy says:

    Yes me too, if someone know pls send the name to this email address : diongdiong512@hotmai.com
    Thanks For Help

    • Afinso says:

      It’s Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel aka Pachelbel’s Canon

  4. puki says:

    does anyone know what’s the song when the credits appear at the end of the movie?

    • Kenboy says:

      If you mean about a minute before the credits, then the song (first line is “don’t want to lose my shirt”) is SLUG performed by Bono (U2)

    • Andre says:

      The song is called “Soldier of Love” performed by Sade.

  5. Nicole says:

    Song during credits is the safe song (last one on the list)

  6. vishal raj says:

    JUST REALITY…Perfect making….

  7. Adriana Pritz says:

    Excelente película y me emociono el relato de la vida de la protagonista.
    Muy valiente!!!!