This morning, ABC’s Good Morning America featured a report on Michael Giacchino in their Countdown to the Oscars series. The composer talks about his working methods, what joining the Academy meant to him and his efforts on mentoring students in Los Angeles. Giacchino has a busy year ahead of him with six movies scheduled for release this year and Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars release date recently being moved forward from a Summer to a March, 2012 release.

Watch the video below or visit the ABC News webpage.

  1. Ryan says:

    Quite honestly, I do not care for any of his scores. However, I can admire what he is doing with that school and what he is hoping to instill in these kids. But I can’t quite grasp how so many people enjoy his music. His win for Up is beyond me and I just don’t see why he won. There were plenty of other better scores that came out last year that are more deserving.