Two new projects for Ilan Eshkeri

Posted: March 19, 2010 by filmmusicreporter in Film Scoring Assignments
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Ilan Eshkeri recently finished recording the scores for two new film projects. The Kid is a movie about central character Kevin Lewis, whose early life suffered from appalling parenting and bullying at school. The movie directed by Nick Moran stars Rupert Friend, Natascha McElhone and Ioan Gruffudd. Falcon Films will release the movie in the UK later this year. In addition to writing the original score, Eshkeri also co-produced the recordings of classical music references for the movie, including sections from Elgar’s cello concerto and Brahm’s third symphony. To find out more about the recording session with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, check out the orchestra’s blog.

Eshkeri also wrote the music for the Sky mini-series Strike Back. Strike Back follows the lives of two former soldiers, Major Hugh Collinson and discharged veteran John Porter, who meet for the first time during a Middle East hostage crisis. The six-part series will air on British TV later this year. The music was also recorded with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, who posted an entry about the recording sessions on their blog.

Ishkeri also has the comic book adaption Kick-Ass coming out next month, which he co-scored with Henry Jackman, Marius DeVries and John Murphy. Neil Marshall’s Centurion, which Eshkeri scored last year premiered at the Berlin Film Festival a few weeks ago is also about to come out in the UK next month and will bee released by Magnolia Pictures in the US later this year.