Netflix Music has released a soundtrack album for the Swedish Netflix original film Stolen (Stöld). The album features the movie’s original music composed by Lasse Enersen (Tom of Finland, Legend of the Ancient Sword, The Abyss, There’s Something in the Barn,Cold CourageThe Misfits) & Henri Vartio (The Redeemers). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Also check out the composers’ first track (Evil and Good) below. Stolen is directed by Elle Márjá Eira and stars Elin Kristina Oskal, Martin Wallström, Lars-Ánte Wasara, Risten-Alida Siri Skum, Magnus Kuhmunen and Anne Lajla Westerfjell Kalstad. The thriller follows young woman from Sweden’s Indigenous Sámi community tracks as she down a killer to settle a personal score. The film premiered last Friday and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Evil and Good (2:21)
2. Nastegallu’s Theme (0:40)
3. School Bus (0:49)
4. Elsa Skiing (1:06)
5. Robert Kills Nastegallu (1:43)
6. Mourning Nastegallu (1:15)
7. Police Station (0:52)
8. Why Do They Kill (1:19)
9. Tormenting the Reindeer (2:47)
10. Dead Reindeers (2:42)
11. Driving Snowmobiles (1:28)
12. In Kiruna (1:15)
13. Lasse Funeral Music (1:43)
14. Hotel Room (1:28)
15. Wonder (1:36)
16. Dead Reindeer Shrine (1:36)
17. Herding (1:44)
18. Threat to Life (5:11)
19. Drowning (7:02)
20. Future (2:31)
21. Remembering Nastegallu (1:15)