DNA-Productions will release a soundtrack album for the World War II drama Bardejov. The album features the film’s original score composed by Lionel Cohen (Mob TownThe Engineer, Inside ManFirst We Take Brooklyn, Feral StateBlackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, March 19 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Bardejov is directed by Danny A. Abeckaser and stars Robert Davi, Abeckaser himself, Dean Miroshnikov, Kyle Stefanski, Emma Renana Bardea, Omer Hazan and Darren Weiss. The movie tells the story of Rafuel Lowy, a Jewish leader who saved the town of Bardejov from being sent to Auschwitz. The drama will be released on VOD tomorrow by Gravitas Ventures before coming out on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, March 26.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Making a Neder (2:40)
2. Jew Dogs (2:40)
3. They Made a Deal with the Germans (3:48)
4. No Doing Business With Aryans (1:36)
5. Prayers (0:36)
6. We Know How to Roundup Jews (2:32)
7. A Thing of the Past (0:39)
8. Drunk Hlinka Guards (0:59)
9. We Need to Believe the Almighty Can Save Us (1:47)
10. An Order for 400 Girls (1:30)
11. Bratislava is Well Aware (1:57)
12. One Bag, 15kg (2:40)
13. A Rebellion on the Street (1:46)
14. Taking the Girls (3:48)
15. Where Are the Trains Going (2:03)
16. A Death Camp (2:45)
17. Burnt to the Ground by Its People (1:18)
18. Mr Bear and Mr Rabbit (1:16)
19. Force a Quarantine (5:04)
20. I’m as Good as Dead (5:13)
21. Typhus (4:31)
22. Happy to Be Imprisoned (3:25)
23. The Legacy of Emil Fish (2:33)
24. Bardejov End Credits (3:36)
25. Window Crash (Alternative) (2:26)
26. Saving Bardejov (1:58)
27. Bardejov Main Theme – Piano (DEMO) (2:00)
28. Bardejov Main Theme – String Quartet (DEMO) (2:40)