Alexei Aigui Film Music Collection Announced

Posted: January 16, 2024 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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Music Box Records has announced a new album featuring multiple scores composed by Alexei Aigui (The Truth, The Young Karl Marx, I Am Not Your Negro, Wild Field, Exterminate All the Brutes, Test). Titles included on the CD include the composer’s scores from Aleksandr Kott’s 2022 animated adventure The Adventures of Chuck and Huck, last year’s horror film Domovoy, Sergey Mokritskiy’s 2022 historical drama First Oscar, Yuri Zeltser’s 2017 feature Our Little Secret, Marie Surae’s 2021 drama The Anger, Nurbek Egen’s 2005 comedy drama The Wedding Chest and Nikita Vladimirov’s 2022 sci-fi comedy I’m on Rewind. The Alexei Aigui Film Music Collection is now available to order on the label’s official website, where you can also find out more about the release and check out audio samples.

Music Box’s other new releases include the seventh volume in the label’s Les B.O. Introuvables (Rare Soundtracks) series (click here for more information).