Julia Newman has released a soundtrack album for the dramatic thriller At the Gates. The album features the film’s original score written by the composer (and daughter of Academy Award nominee Thomas Newman) who has made her feature scoring debut on the project. The soundtrack is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. At the Gates is written and directed by Augustus Meleo Bernstein and stars Miranda Otto, Noah Wyle, Ezekiel Pacheco, Vanessa Benavente and Sadie Stanley. The movie revolves around a Salvadoran housekeeper and her teenage son who begin to question whether they’re being protected or imprisoned after an affluent couple offers to hide them from immigration officers in their basement. The thriller premiered at last year’s Deauville Film Festival and just opened in select theaters earlier this month by Picturehouse.

Here’s the album track list:

1. At the Gates (2:29)
2. Should I Tell Them (1:52)
3. Cooperation Is Everything (3:29)
4. Colors of the Dark (1:09)
5. Don’t Get Ideas (1:55)
6. I Saw You (2:31)
7. Lo Siento Mamá (2:47)
8. ¿Hiciste algo? (2:46)
9. Kitchen Knife (3:26)
10. Sanctuary (1:43)
11. Nico Ibarra (3:26)